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Tylenol ad puts Lesbian Family in a Norman Rockwell Painting

Tylenol is leading the way by using a lesbian family in its ad.  Check out how they creatively utilize the Norman Rockwell painting and a lesbian family to not only sell their product, but also promote equality at the same time.  Kudos Tylenol!

(December 2014)

2014's Most Intriguing LGBT Characters

GLAAD has put out its list of this years 2014 most intriguing LGBT characters.  This is also a great way to check out any movies you may have missed out on...

(December 2014)

Tawainese Parliament Considers Same-Sex Mariage for the First Time

A step in the right direction for Tawain with the Parliament looking to change the language and laws on marriage.  

(December 2014)

7 Thoughts Robbie Rogers Has on LGBT Issues in Sports

Robbie Rogers has had quite an interesting year.  He just played on the team that won the MLS Cup and his book "Coming Out to Play" was released (I read it and LOVED it).

(December 2014)