Support & Resources


Kamloops Resources

Interior Community Services (250) 554-3134 or toll free 1-877-376-3660
Safe Spaces (250) 371-3086
Offers drop in program for LGBTQ2SPA+ youth and allies that are up to 26 years old. One-to-one support also available as required.

Youth Outreach (778) 220-3325
Offers assistance for youth with transitional housing, supportive housing, independent living, crisis shelter, supportive job assistance etc.

Community Kitchen (250) 554-3134 ext 520
A trained coordinator teaches the group how to prepare and learn healthier cooking techniques that are nutritious, affordable and easy to follow!

Street Nurse Outreach Clinic (250) 851-7388 126 King Street, Kamloops. Hours: Wednesdays 1-3
Services Available: STI testing, treatment and counseling; HIV & Hep C counselling and testing; pregnancy counselling and testing; immunizations; TB skin testing; simple wound care and referrals to other services as needed. Services provided to high risk youth and adults. The services are free and confidential.

Ask Wellness (250) 376-7558 
The AIDS Society of Kamloops (ASK) provides awareness, education, advocacy, housing, and support related to HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis C, marginalization and persons at risk.

Pride Organizations in the Region

Kamloops Pride 

TRU Pride

South Okanagan Gay and Lesbian Association (S.O.G.A.L.A)

Okanagan Rainbow Coalition (250) 860-8555 
UBCO-Pride Centre 

Queer Kootneys (250) 352-7007  

Coming Out

Qmunity Gab Youth Coming Out Resources 


YouTube Accounts

Alex is from England and shares his story of transitioning and offers advise to other transgender persons.

Benton Sorensen is from Vancouver and he also shares his story of transitioning.

Giana Lopez has some great videos, both funny and educational. She even shares her coming out story! 

The Gay Women Channel - A channel full of comical and inspiring videos.

The Gay Men Channel - A channel full of comedy and educational information.

TheNotAdam - Adam is quite open and honest about his bisexuality and answers a lot of questions for viewers on his vlog.   

Kate Shelley -  Shares her story of coming out as Pansexual, some recipes and clothing tips!

Emy travels around the world and shares her stories of tavelling, information on veganism and answers questions regarding asexuality.  

Links for Parents

PFLAG - The PLAG website has amazing resources for parents, allies and LGBTTQA+ persons. The website includes videos and links to other helpful websites.

TransParent Canada - This website is designed to assist parents of transgender youth. It has information on how to help support your child and more great links!


Youth Outreach

Resources in the Okanagan and Kootenays

Living Positive Resource Centre, Okanagan

ANKORS, (AIDS Network Kootenay Outreach and Support Society), Nelson 
Tel: 250 505-5506 
Tel Toll Free: 1-800-421-2437

General National Link

Egale Canada