Info/Links for Parents and Others


Coming Out to parents/guardians and other loved ones can be stressful. People 'coming out' for the first time face a number of fears including rejection and shame. For most, it is important that their families accept them for who they are, as they are. Coming out to family can relieve someone of the burden of keeping their sexuality a secret...and open the door to more enriched relationships.

Coming out is also a process -- the steps can be numerous and involve coming out to oneself; coming out to friends; coming out to family; coming out to coworkers.

Acceptance and understanding can also be a process that requires intense examination of values and beliefs. Be gentle with yourself and your daugther or son.

At the root of all relationship challenges is practicing Good Communication, including Active Listening.

Take time to ask questions and think - what doesn't get figured out today may be clarified tomorrow.

And remember - your child is the same person as they were the day before they came out to you.

A Mother and Daughter Discuss Their Views on Sexuality and Coming Out

A great discussion between a mother and daughter about their experiences during the daughter's coming out process.