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Canyon Walkers is a group dedicated to bridging the gap between the Church and LGBT Christian community. This site has some great resources for crushing age old arguments! 


Somewhere Else - by Jan Braun, Arbeiterring Publishing, 2008.

Jess is sixteen and aware that she is in an impossible position — being the homosexual daughter of the president of the Mennonite college. She hits the road in search of a language and the freedom to speak it. On the train to Winnipeg she is found by Freya, Icelandic princess of her dreams. Halfsteinn, fisherman and expert in the fine art of hand-rolling cigarettes, enters Jess’ life, helping her escape emotional captivity. Jess embraces pothead, videogame-playing housemates in the world away from her Mennonite being. Then, she meets Shea. Jess can barely utter the name—afraid of the word, the woman, the possibility, and her own past.

What the Bible does and doesn't say about Homosexuality

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